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Nov 24  (2 years ago)

Creative Climate Leadership

An intensive training course for artists and cultural professionals to enable climate leadership in their own creative practice.

The success of the COP21 UN Climate Talks and the first universal agreement on climate change – the Paris Agreement – has called for urgent, collaborative and distributed leadership with creativity at its heart. Meeting the ambitions of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to below 2°C requires a bold rethinking of the way we live and work.

Artists and the wider cultural community have a unique and critical role: they deal with the art of the possible and influence new ways of being, doing and thinking. Creative Climate Leadership supports cultural professionals to apply these qualities to the climate challenge. The programme is tailored for participants to reach their full potential and maximise action on climate change within the creative and cultural sector, with help and support to test and scale ideas through sharing best practice and discussion across countries and cultures. It will enable you to explore the cultural dimensions of climate change and take action with impact, creativity and resilience.

How is CCL structured? 

We will welcome up to 25 participants annually to join the Creative Climate Leadership programme. The course is split into three instalments over nine months: five days in May 2018, two days in November 2018 and three days in February 2019. The intensive course will enable participants to apply environmental targets and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals meaningfully to their work, and explore what leadership means in the context of a rapidly changing world. It will include modules on three core critical competencies:

  1. The operating context: key scientific, economic and policy decisions that frame the environmental challenge, including climate change, sustainable development and international frameworks such as the Paris Agreement.

  2. Sustainable culture: how culture empowers, influences and affects change. This includes cultural trends, creative engagement, green business infrastructure, management and investment/funding, partnerships and collaborations, scaling change, audience development and entrepreneurship.

  3. Leadership: how to apply CCL values and principles to your organisation's strategy or your own creative practice. This includes meaningful decision-making, resilience, climate justice, authentic leadership, diversity and identity, systems thinking, collaboration, change management and new narratives.
An extended creative project 

Every participant commits to developing a self-initiated, extended creative project for the duration of the Creative Climate Leadership course, with the intention of applying their learning from the course. Participants will develop a project from concept to delivery and commit to leveraging any required funding/capital to resource it. This will be developed within a host organisation or as a standalone venture. Creative projects might include a creative engagement programme; building sustainability into your organisational mission; a communications campaign or research project. The extended creative project will be developed by the participant with support from Julie's Bicycle.

Mentoring or coaching 

All participants will receive a one-to-one diagnostic to assess their needs and development goals through Creative Climate Leadership. They will be provided with a course of one-to-one mentoring or coaching that enables participants to develop their core needs. Julie's Bicycle will pair participants with a coach or mentor that is relevant to the participant's needs.

The JB Fellowship 

All participants who complete the Creative Climate Leadership programme will become a JB Fellow, and have access to exclusive opportunities to continue their professional development. As JB Fellows, CCL participants will be able to connect course alumni and a wider, global network of intelligent professionals working on climate and creativity.


Every year we offer grants to independent creative professionals and artists, and professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds. This grant covers all tuition, accommodation, subsistence and materials for the duration of the course. It does not cover travel costs.

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